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Analysis Is the Most Difficult

Nov 17, 2020 Mike-E-angelo 2 min read
Categories: business technology

Of all the phases of development, analysis is the most difficult. For me, at least. I am currently the business analyst for my startup. Well, technically, I am every freaking role of my startup as I am the only one working on it right now. However, what I mostly do is analysis, user experience, and of course, software development.

Out of each of those, analysis is the most challenging for me. I put modeling in there as well. It is the most abstract and therefore requires the most brainpower. What’s more, it involves designing something no one has used yet. In short, you’re seeing the future, now.

I will literally spend days on the analysis tasks, when it feels like it should take a couple hours. However, this is by design. I am a little unorthodox in that I make sure I give myself lots of time, and yes, to be distracted. This is baked into my estimates, usually blocking items in terms of days and half-days.

Oddly enough, during this time, I find distractions help with the process. But, in the end, it takes everything I got to stare down the task at hand. Developing the user interface helps, but that, too, requires completely new conceptual ownership and fulfillment.

But in the end here, I try not to let it get to me. It’s interesting, as when I find myself in a rut, I have been training myself to start tending to other pieces of the product, such as this blog. So, “getting in a rut” is more of a signal to start writing and getting some thoughts out.

So when you hear from me on this blog, you’ll know what’s really happening in my world. 😅

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