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March 2024 Status Update

Mar 5, 2024 Mike-E-angelo 3 min read
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It’s the first week of the month, and that historically means it’s time for our monthly status update here on! 🚀

Back on Schedule-ish

I say historically as last month was a bit of an outlier. We’re back to the first week of the month here with our cadence, and what I have been doing is filming the standup on Tuesday and then writing the blog posts on the following day.

Additionally, if interested, I have been providing daily technical updates on my X feed.

v1.1: Attending to Technical Debt

It’s really been quite the whirlwind for me these past several months, but also stressful as no new feature work has been getting done. With these last few changes that should be changing as the work I have been doing for the past few weeks in particular attends to some technical debt accrued over the years as I have built out sb1’s codebase. I was hoping to get this released earlier this week as v1.1, but some issues were identified in testing and will be attending to those today and perhaps tomorrow. All told I aim to have this out by Friday. 🤞

Looking Forward to v1.2, v1.3, and v2.0

There can only be so much technical debt, right? Right? I hope so. I am very much looking forward to developing features and this is what I have on the schedule at the moment:

v1.2 (June)

The publishing process (for artists) was one of the very first things I built for sb1 so it suffers from older APIs and an unoptimized process. I aim to address both of those while starting to integrate our new that was introduced in v1.0. This will make publishing easier and a nicer experience for artists as they publish new products into the marketplace. It will also serve as a new foundation for new features.

v1.3 (August)

In the standup yesterday I called this v1.5 but also said it could be v1.3. v1.3 seems a little more consistent and maybe appropriate, as v1.5 is more of a older, different versioning system I used to use (we’re using semantic versioning with sb1)

After getting the new publishing API in place with v1.2, then it’s onto what I discussed wayyyyyy back in December, and that is automatic purchasing (aka “subscriptions”). This will involve new purchasing workflows with Stripe and PayPal, as well being able to schedule products publishing. It’s also a new publishing process altogether and I am pretty excited to get this in place.

v2.0 (October)

This is the biggie, and I don’t want to give too much detail about this yet, but if all goes right this will basically change how the application is fundamentally used. Stay tuned. 😎✌

Stand-up & Shine (& Shill)

That does it for this month’s update. For more information around our current state of our beloved starship, I direct you to the latest Stand-up & Shine (& Shill):

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