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June 2024 Status Update

Jun 5, 2024 Mike-E-angelo 3 min read

It’s the first week of the month, that means it’s time for a status update here on! ✨’s Marketplace is 2 Years Old 🚀

Can you believe it’s already been two full years since I opened’s doors to the public with the first product release of my work, Cause? 🤯 I made seven sales that day and it was quite the event for me. Of course, after this not much happened for some time. I had zero artists outside of myself who were using the platform, and I learned very quickly the monumental challenge in getting any sort of traction. In fact, it would not be until September 2022 that I onboarded my first artist and oof was that an adventure (hint: many bugs were uncovered).

But here we are now two years later without much marketing effort, landing over 150 artists and nearly 7,000 sales, all by word-of-mouth and personal invitations. We’ve also published over 11,000 licenses which you can browse here. 😊 I hope once we have the new features in place within the next year (they will be in place won’t they? 🤔) we can get serious about marketing and start getting some real traction. 🤞

Birthday Contest

I wanted to mention real quickly the really popular and successful contest that is being run for sb1 by our friends VaVortex. This grassroots campaign has over 10k views which is pretty tough to do organically on X. The contest itself has over 40 entries as of this morning. Check it out here! ✨🚀

New Publishing Wizard is Underway

Outside of this, I am busy working away at the new publishing wizard. This is a complete rewrite of how products are published, accounting for all the (painful) lessons encountered over the past two years. This is going to be a much better experience once it is all completed. If interested you can view an example of the video uploads and what this looks like in the new version. There is also the new source/preview/thumbnail experience.

The idea is that the artist will only have to upload one file and we take care of the rest. 🙏

What’s Next?

The new publishing wizard is v1.2 for the product. I hope to have this done by October, which will mark a full 5 years of working on since inception. 🤯

Stand-up & Shine (& Shill)

That does it for this month’s update. For more information around our current state of our beloved starship, I direct you to the latest Stand-up & Shine (& Shill):

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