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November 2020 Status Update

Nov 17, 2020 Mike-E-angelo 2 min read
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Woooooooooo buddy, am I wayyyyyyyy overdue for a status update here.

I’ve actually been thinking about typing up an update for a while.

2020 has been super crazy, and I am no exception. I feel like I have lost 3 months worth of progress and velocity due to the pandemic.

But, I have been lucky enough to keep on plucking along here, developing Starbeam One for majority of the year. In fact, the light at the end of the tunnel is starting to emerge, and I am feeling it’s about 3 more months until I am “structurally complete” (with major stories completed) and then “feature complete” (all stories needed for an MVP) a few months after that.

All told, it will be about 18 months of development for an MVP. That probably sounds like a lot for typical MVPs, but I am a special cupcake, what can I say.

Let’s not forget that a lot of my time has been spent learning Blazor, which is fabulous. I am super excited in not only developing a startup, but one that is based on MSFT and all its glorious new (and 100% standards compliant – NOT TODAY, SILVERLIGHT!) technology.

For a little fresher, I am using server-side Blazor, based on my Framework, and have already upgraded everything to .NET 5.0.

As for personal updates, let’s see… I have been learning how to keep my mouth blabbing about what I am working on, and it’s been glorious. It’s a much less stressful environment here when I am not blabbing to the world, only to not come through with promised deadlines, etc. Perhaps I am keeping too quiet? Well, better to be safe than sorry. I feel like when I talk too much about stuff that isn’t actually done, it tends to jinx my momentum and subsequent success.

ANYWHOO… I wanted to brush off the dust here, and check in. I am still alive, and very much working on Starbeam One. The vision is strong and I am excited to be working on this sucker.

Let’s see if I can start making this a monthly checkin going forward.


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