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January 2021 Status Update

Jan 25, 2021 Mike-E-angelo 1 min read
Categories: business life etc

Happy New Year… ish. 😁 I am having a little down time – a case of the January’s as it were – so I decided to check in here with a little update.

Things are actually running at a pretty good clip here. In fact, I hesitate to mention it but I am in a bit of a groove as of late, pretty much writing solutions and supporting code at will. I have been mostly able to accurately gauge project management requirements and am pretty much on schedule.

Currently, it appears I should be structurally complete by April. Then another few months after that – tentatively circling August – I will be feature complete and should finally be able to freely discuss what the heck I am working on.

January 13th marked a full year since I declared my intentions of working on this vision. Otherwise known as my first commit in Azure DevOps. Happy Belated Birthday-ish.

Anyways, don’t want to get too tied up here but did want to check in. Hopefully a few more of these and we’ll move onto more interesting tidbits. Until next time. ✌

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