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Confronting Competition

Feb 5, 2021 Mike-E-angelo 2 min read
Categories: business life

It’s been a tough week here. What compounds it is that I was really on a roll there, ahead of schedule and cooking with momentum. That all seems like ancient history right now, so I guess I am spending some of my time here “getting my house in order.”

First, Twitter is such a distraction. A double-edged sword, really. I use it to find out the latest news, but then I find out about all the sites out there that could be considered “my competition.”

Although I haven’t found something 100% like what I have in mind, it causes pause for concern. The last thing I want to do is to add yet another site out there that adds to the noise.

But yesterday I found out yet another site, and it was the best/closest yet. 25k followers on Twitter.

It actually got to the point of “well, since there are so many, why not just use what’s out there already instead?” And then I realized, they don’t do exactly what I am looking to do, and that is why I am building mine.

So, I guess I still have some value proposition in my vision. That is what I keep clinging to, because it’s tough. It’s tough having to actively develop software when all these other “similar” and actively deployed solutions have users celebrating their use. Super tough!

With that in mind, I have to put on the blinders, and have removed Twitter from my daily grind. It’s nice to learn about stuff, but when it dampens morale and momentum, it becomes a liability.

Especially when I am so close to an MVP. Looks like a few more months now. Gotta keep it chuggin' y’all.

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