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February 2021 Status Update

Feb 4, 2021 Mike-E-angelo 2 min read

Well, another checkin so it must mean I am stuck somewhere again. 😁 Indeed, another bout of “The Analysis” has struck, so I am left staring at the ceiling for hours at a time, awaiting the inspiration to save me.

There’s also Twitter, which I find myself switching to uncontrollably to find the latest news – whatever it may be.

I am getting close, however. This is the last task involving “new” analysis, and this is one of three tasks (or stories) remaining. After that, I am finished with structural tasks, then it’s a matter of fleshing out what I have built and making it presentable.

All the while, what I struggle with now (speaking of Twitter) is watching the space I am wanting to step my toe in and watch it evolve. It’s tough! Seeing people celebrate their victories of existing product when I struggle to even get a model together, let alone compile.

Today I learned that the product that I consider closest to what I aim to build received $1.75M funding round. Jelly. Talk about a distraction. If I was smart I would pull a Facebook on Twitter and nuke it all completely. Yeah… about that “smart” business. 😅

I continue to tell myself that what I have in mind is a bit different (dare I say “beyond”?) what is currently in market. In fact, I would dare say the next logical step. Gotta keep that morale up.

Anyways, I hope to share it soon. ✌

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