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July 2021 Status Update

Jul 7, 2021 Mike-E-angelo 2 min read
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Well it’s July, and as mentioned last time, it’s time to take a break. Except… I don’t want to take a break. 😅😭 I think I mentioned that I am working on the identity system. Indeed, I have taken a wrecking ball to this sucker and it is now officially wrecked. I’ve been picking up the pieces and putting them back together, but it’s been taking WAY longer than expected.

What results is a delayed schedule and a vacation that looms to make it even worse. Such is life? Such is life. I have to say, this is the first time I have been kicking and dragging myself to get outside. I would, in fact, cancel it, but I have signed up for my first 5k, so I feel obligated to oblige it. Traverse City is pretty awesome, as well. It’s where I have my heart set on to establish an office and/or my future home.

First things first, however, and that is getting an MVP together. I am outside the rails here, and really questioning that word “viable” (the “V” in MVP) currently. Identity is so (so!) important, and especially so when you are running a marketplace. Even more so when there are royalties to be paid, and cashable amounts to be designated to specific accounts. Identity is everything in this regard. What I have in mind is a bit more sophisticated than what is currently out there in the cryptosphere, too.

In the end, it is worth it. I PROMISE. 😅 In addition to stronger security, the work I am currently doing totally opens the doors to some really super cool functionality that I look forward to showing off in the future.

So, as the schedule sits now, it’s:

  • July: Vacation/Identity System
  • August: Identity System/FeatureX (will show this off at some point)
  • September: Administration application (for running things behind the scenes)
  • October: Deployment (starting to get to the good stuff here)
  • November: Demonstration/videos/marketing (the good stuff!)
  • December: Invite & onboard Friends/Family
  • February 2022: MVP Primordial Alpha
  • August 2022: Public Beta
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