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January 2022 Status Update

Jan 3, 2022 Mike-E-angelo 3 min read
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Well well… Happy New Year out there and hope everyone is doing well as they read this, considering the current circumstances and environment we find ourselves in this otherwise promising new year.

Let’s get on with the latest update here…

Playground Alpha Feature Complete

To start, I am pleased to announce that the playground alpha is feature complete and ready for deployment.

What that means is that the Playground Alpha, slated for availability next month, will allow you to use all the features of via fake deposits and withdrawals.

The idea here is that we want to see how many accounts we can create, along with sales, resales, and every other transactions made via those fake deposits and withdrawals. All of this is done while seeing what breaks. Yes, I am anticipating quite a lot of breaking. This application has, after all, been tested by me and me alone, so quality assurance is very little assurance, or the assurance only afforded by one person testing it.

Remaining Tasks

What tasks remain? Very simply, there are three stories that remain to achieve the elusive “Done” status:

  1. Deployment to Azure - get this bad boy to availability
  2. Marketing Videos - introduce you to me and the product
  3. Administration Application - for system maintenance/administration tasks

Deployment is estimated for two weeks currently, but it has the most risk as I am very unfamiliar with Azure and who knows what can happen.

The same goes for those videos. I have had my eye on those for a while now and I am honestly terrified with getting them done. I have to present myself to the world EEP! That means flipping my introvert into extravert. While I can do it, it takes a bit of adjustment (talking and acknowledging that here is a good first step).

I have three weeks scheduled for those videos. That will take us into next month and if everything goes well, the next status update.

Then it’s that administration application. That has another 2-3 weeks to it. However, this is not as important as the previous two tasks and I can work on this after the official announcement.

When Will This Happen?!

So it is 2022, and following in Microsoft’s footsteps, I look for Tuesday as the launch date for any endeavor that I do (e.g. the status update you are currently reading done on the first Tuesday of the month), and the date that caught my eye was the 22nd of February, 2022.

2022/02/22 - Yes please!


So to summarize, the current schedule is as such:

  • January 18th, 2022: Azure Deployment
  • February 8th, 2022: Marketing Videos Complete
  • February 22nd, 2022: Playground Alpha Announcement

There is so much that can happen between now and then, but that is what everything looks like at the moment. There is another status update on February 1st, so I will check in at that time and update here with the latest.

Until then, stay bright. ✌✨

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