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Announcing MVP Alpha Preview

Feb 22, 2022 Mike-E-angelo 3 min read
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What Now?!

WOW… today is the day, and I am beside myself to finally be here and make this announcement. Today marks the result of over two years of development on a single goal, having started in October 2019: to create a centralized marketplace where users can sell and resell digital ownership in the form of digital licenses.

What the Heck is this thing?! is a Digital Publishing Starship™ that allows you to purchase and resell digital licenses produced by artists on a provided primary and secondary markets, respectively.

How Do I See It?

You can visit it here!

Do You Have Any Further Information/FAQ?

You can get more information in our about section here.

Do You Have Videos?

Yep, as a matter of fact, I sure do.

I have spent the past three weeks attempting to collect my thoughts into a video/blogging format. I originally estimated 3-4 days for this task, and I just finished this morning. 😅

To start, you can find the Introduction Sessions here (these are more conceptual, going into my mindset on how I view this space – and get to meet/know me as well!):

Note that all QR codes are listed in the comments of these videos on YouTube in the case that you cannot scan them.

Next, we have the Product Tour, or a very minimal version of it, getting enough of the features here just to get by and start out using the system (hopefully):

I hope you enjoy these videos. I have learned a lot about the process of filming and post-production in the past few weeks, as you can imagine!

So a little retrospective here: I feel it took about two weeks to find my “voice” in front of the camera. I still have footage in the Introduction Sessions where it looks like I am being held at gunpoint. 😅 I am OK with it, though. The Product Tour was loose and free, by necessity, however – I was really out of time! But I definitely prefer that style over the stuffiness that peppers throughout the Introduction Sessions.

In the end, I am happy with both, but actually prefer the Product Tour as it is way clearer what I am presenting and you can see the features clearly before your eyes. The Introduction Sessions are still valuable for context, however, as I reference them repeatedly during the Product Tour, so value all around I feel.

What’s Next?!

Probably some rest. :) I have been pushing myself pretty hard these past few weeks and these past few days especially, so I will be not so gung-ho these next few days while continuing next steps.

That stated, people will run into issues and I will be addressing them accordingly.

This is an exciting time and again the culmination of the efforts for over two years now. I feel there is a huge opportunity here, exposed by the NFT craze. It is rather, in fact, a centralized opportunity. I see as the first of a great many other companies turning into this area, as there is a great deal of market to be explored.

Thank You!

Alright! That completes the announcement. Please do check out the videos as pretty much everything I have wanted to say for the past two years are found in there.

As I end here, a very big thank you goes out to everyone that has supported me during this time (you know who you are!). Your support and encouragement is so very much appreciated!

Until next time, stay bright. ✌✨

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