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Microsoft for Startups Application Accepted

Feb 4, 2022 Mike-E-angelo 1 min read
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I am so very happy to announce that Microsoft for Startups has accepted my Founders Hub application!

This is beyond exhilarating for me, as this is the first external validation I have received for my product. This process was very different from the previous one that I experienced with BizSpark. Whereas BizSpark seemed to allow anyone into their program, the Founders Hub application seemed more serious and discerning with its candidates.

Importantly, this will go a long way towards cutting my initial costs, as a large amount of my budget was looking at Azure hosting charges (currently $250/mo with my current configuration).

This is huge news in my world, and had to share.


While I am here, a quick update with my status. I am currently knee-deep in PowerPoint and xSplit Presenter, learning the ropes with these applications while starting to assemble content together for the different sessions.

Currently on pace to meet the 22nd announcement. 🤞✌✨

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