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May 2022 Status Update

May 3, 2022 Mike-E-angelo 2 min read


Hello out there and welcome to your monthly update, which occurs on the first Tuesday of every month.

Things Are Better Now

Last month featured all sorts of problems, which I am glad to say most if not all have been resolved. Rather than a raging inferno, the landscape is more of a (manageable 😁) smoldering mess. I have attended to most of the pressing concerns and have moved onto building features again.

Semi-formally Announcing the Friends & Family Alpha

On June 7th (the next monthly update), I will be announcing the next phase of The Friends & Family Alpha. This will be the first time that the real faucets are turned on and actual real-world money will be able to be transferred in and out of the system.

The focus will be on – you guessed it! – friends and family and feature a very low key approach. The idea is to build confidence in the system with real money in play and start onboarding artists (that I personally know) concurrently to accumulate accounts and transactions.

From there, I plan on adding additional features and in another three months introduce the alpha where I will start to market and introduce the application to a wider audience.

Friction(less) Points

I am happy to mention that most of the friction points that I encountered last month have been dealt with in one way or another, and I am beyond relieved by such developments. I can finally start developing features again and get the show on the road.

Stand-up & Shine (& Shill)

I have put more details of my recent efforts in video format in the latest Stand-up & Shine (& Shill). I seriously belted this one out and it feel it’s the best one yet. I think the monthly/semi-weekly schedule is a much better fit for me.

You can view this here:

Thank You for Your Continuing Support

A shout out to all those who continue to support me with likes, subscribes, and words of encouragement. They really do mean the world to me. This means you, Jason C., Jason L., Justin L., Sarah B., Mike W., Kendall K., and my nuclear family. It’s a very formative time for me right now so any support right now no matter how small is greatly cherished and appreciated.

Until next time, stay bright. ✌✨

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