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November 2022 Status Update

Nov 8, 2022 Mike-E-angelo 3 min read
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Welcome to the second Tuesday of the month, which means we’re way overdue for a monthly status update!

A Week Off

It is indeed the second Tuesday of the month. I usually aim for the first Tuesday, but I have recently been running into troubles with my recording software and they have been thankfully resolved. So today we are back on track, recording today and again in two weeks from now on the 22nd. Thankfully November is a 5-week month and I was able to slide up the 3 week interval to the front of the month.

From here on, it should be back to business as usual. 🙏🤞

Alpha II Is Underway

I’ve really been spending a lot of time implementing features of the publishing system. We’ve had a lot of artists join up and a lot of feedback has arisen as such. There’s a story capturing all the tasks here:

This morning, I deployed the storefront cover adjustment which allows artists to update the storefront cover after deployment. This seems like a “duh” in hindsight but as I created the system 3 years ago it was all meant to be immutable like the blockchain (and actual real-life publishing at that). That is, if you published a record album/CD cover and it had a mistake in it, well that mistake gets sent out (or you have to redo it).

Since then, I have cooled on this idea and it’s back to your typical web application where if you made a mistake or want to change something, you can do this. Hence, this feature (and general direction).

Up Next: More Artist Features + Improvements

There are two outstanding tasks from this story: issuance recalls and purchase recognitions.

  1. Recall issuances: In the case of new artists especially, we want to provide a way of being able to recall (destroy) and issuance, allow the artist to modify/correct it, and then re-issue.
  2. Purchase Recognition. This is the final task but it’s also a bigger one as it introduces a CRM (customer relationship management) into the system. Basically, when a purchase is made, we want to provide the artist with the opportunity to thank the purchaser. Since I have access to all the information at present, I have been personally thanking each and every purchase that has occurred on the system (and will continue to do so until this feature is complete! 😁). However, once this feature is done, artists will be passed on the baton to thank purchasers directly.

Up Further: What’s Next?

Really, we’re focusing on artist improvements at the moment. Once that is done I want to work on improving how the StarVault collection is displayed to the user (as well as products on the front page).

Finally, after that, I want to introduce the concept of publishing streams which will formally delineate between AI (daily) art and traditional (weekly/monthly) art, as well as introduce this cool concept we’re calling treasure streams. 💎✨

Then after that, it is time for The Broadcaster which I feel is the last remaining component of to reach beta level. The Broadcaster is the marketing coolness which will help gain some more awareness and activity with our system, and help forward traffic to existing artist storefronts.

Stand-up & Shine

That’s it for this month’s update. More can be seen below with our latest Stand-up & Shine:

Until next time, stay bright out there. ✨✌

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