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December 2022 Status Update

Dec 7, 2022 Mike-E-angelo 3 min read
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Season’s greetings!

Woohoo, the first week of the month, and that means a status update for! ✨🚀

500 Sales! Nearly 150 Flares ($150) in Volume!

We continue our completely organic non-advertising push here to build our market. As expected, this is a slow process but one that helps build confidence in the system at a slow and steady pace.

As this is my first rodeo into the modern market I am OK with taking my time before bringing on new users through financial spending. The users we are drawing in now have been fantastic and true quality members. I am beyond humbled to have them a part of this endeavor. If I could somehow continue doing this without spending any money on marketing I would. Who knows, maybe something will work out and our luck will continue? 🤔🤞

Nonetheless even with our current pace we have already achieved over 500 sales and have generated 150 Flares ($150) of all time volume for our artists! And we are only beginning here. If you’d like to keep up to date with the latest statistics you can see them at any time on our public dashboard (you don’t even need to be signed in!).

What’s New?

I have been spending a lot of time getting artists the features they need to have have a better sales experience. We can now thank our purchasers for each of their purchases or in bulk if they accrue over time. Artists can see who has purchased what from them, potentially establishing a VIP-type system in the future for those that purchase the most from them if/once we put that in place. As such, we have a mini-CRM (customer relationship management) system that is in place for our artists. Now that this is completed, we will be working toward the next step which is premium products (next).

What’s Next?

Right now we are geared towards a “daily stream” which works very well for AI-art and photography. We want to add another “stream” for premium products that are not so often and thus have a higher price point. We’re calling this a Premium Stream at the moment but we’ll probably end up with another name. Essentially, you will start out with 10 Flares ($10) of capacity to issue that out however you see fit (for example: quantity of 5 at 2 Flares) and then have it sit there for sale without a daily commitment or expectation. When you make a sale, your capacity grows so you can sell even more.

We’re also thinking of making it possible to buy capacity, adding on a revenue stream for our growing outfit here. 🤞✌

After that, we want to add on subscriptions to our daily stream so that a constant visit is not necessary for purchasing and supporting our artists. Although we have a few of our collectors that appreciate the experience of visiting and helping out our efforts here on a daily basis. 😊🙏

Once this is complete, we’ll have two ways for artists to generate revenue for themselves: a daily stream which will accept subscriptions and a premium stream for additional content. Artists will be able then to choose the streams that make the most sense (and cents 😏) to them.

Stand-up & Shine (& Shill)

So Premium Streams and Subscriptions. That’s what’s on our plate here. I also have the latest episode of Stand-up & Shine for your viewing here with more details:

I would like to thank everyone for all your support and purchases. It truly means the world to me – and of course, all our artists! I would also like to wish everyone a happy and safe holiday season. Thank you again for all your amazing contributions towards’s success and until next time, stay bright out there. ✌✨🚀

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