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April 2023 Status Update

Apr 4, 2023 Mike-E-angelo 2 min read
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It’s the first Tuesday of the month, it’s time for a monthly status update on! ✨🚀

Welcome to Alpha III

Today we’re announcing Alpha III, which is mostly comprised of quality improvements.

Alpha III was meant to be a focus on quality and also key features on administration before we start marketing our application in earnest with formal advertising spend. However, with all the sheer commotion of onboarding new users, artists, and collectors, I only managed to get quality improvements into the codebase for this alpha. We will have to get to those administration features into Alpha IV (June 6th).

However, a good amount of work got done. Here’s a glance of items from reviewing the commit log for the past month alone:

  • Notifications list improvements / mark as read now displayed inline
  • Notifications for username change, add email, remove email
  • Coinbase Checkout fix, check for open checkout on view load
  • Sales Profile Adjustments (accounted for multiple identities)
  • New Textbox/Input Focus improvements - changes marked after 750ms
  • Artist workflow: save state while typing (this is a biggie)
  • New Watermarks
  • License Explorer
  • Many bug fixes

New Users, Collectors, and Artists

We continue to onboard new users, collectors, and artists, and we are still averaging 1 new user per day which is really super amazing. We currently have:

  • 154 Users
  • 60 Artists
  • 76 Collectors <3

On Twitter we passed 300 followers, which is a huge accomplishment to me, and we are approaching 2,500 Flares of total all-time volume as seen on our dashboard.

We continue to make baby-steps progress and momentum feels more positive than negative these days. I am very much hoping this continues. 👍✨🤞

What’s Next?

We are onto Alpha IV. I am releasing alphas every two months now and by the looks of the current schedule we have 1 alpha left and then it’s onto the beta, finally!

  • Alpha IV: June 6th (Quality/Administration)
  • Beta 1: August 1st 🤞 (Bids, Search, Followers, Content tagging)

Stand-up & Shine (& Shill)

That does it for this month’s update. For more information around our current state of affairs, I direct you to the latest Stand-up & Shine (& Shill):

Until next time, stay bright. ✌✨🚀

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