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May 2023 Status Update

May 3, 2023 Mike-E-angelo 2 min read
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It’s the first week of the month, time for your monthly status update for!

Welcome to May

We are here in May, with Alpha IV scheduled for launch next month. It is very heads-down for me (a good thing) and this post will be short-and-sweet.

880 Flares of Volume, Passing 3,500 Total

Last month we did 880 Flares of volume for the month, which is pretty impressive considering we did 81 total for the month of December. 🤯 We continue to trend in the right direction here, despite zero formal marketing or ad spend. More details around this may be found in this tweet.

We also passed 3,500 total sales+resale volume last month. As always you can watch our statistics on our dashboard, which gets updated every hour.

Feature Progress

The focus on Alpha IV is quality and administration. Namely, we want to be able to perform common user administration tasks quickly before onboarding new users from our planned ad spend. In particular, we have an issue with Oauth2 accounts being created accidentally, and this creates new user accounts altogether. We are working on a user account merge story that will address this. This has been the primary focus of the past two weeks for me. It is a pretty big task as it involves moving each and every property from one to another, and there are a lot. I am almost done with this and it’s getting close to testing. If everything goes well it should be done and tested by the weekend. 🤞

From there, it’s onto other tasks such as enforcing an email policy and improving the sign-in process so that accidental account creation is reduced.

Stand-up & Shine (& Shill)

That does it for this month’s update. For more information around our current state of the system, I direct you to the latest Stand-up & Shine (& Shill):

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