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December 2020 Status Update

Dec 11, 2020 Mike-E-angelo 2 min read
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December 2020… I cannot believe we’re in the final month of the year, yet here we are nonetheless.

I am actually a few weeks behind on this post, but good to have gotten to it late than never.

This past month for me was easily the most productive. In fact, I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel here. I have been slamming out code and putting things together in a way that has been incredibly rewarding and efficient at the same time. All those years invested into making a framework has finally paid off. 😁 There’s been a lot of “glad I already made that” this past month.

That stated, I am very close to being able to discuss in detail about what I am working on – and I am excited about it! As I stated earlier, I am super superstitious these days about discussing my ideas and blabbing on and on about them, sort of jinxing them in a way to actually being realized.

I will just say that software development life these days is amazing for me. I have “developed” (😏), nay, perfected my own style and it’s been paying dividends in spades. It’s been very enjoyable.

Blazor as well has been really fun to work with, as well as the whole .NET5/ASP.NET getup.

So, I’m afraid this is another one of those “I’m alive and still working on this thing but don’t have much to share just yet” posts. I hope to continue these now at least once a month until I actually have something to show, which should be in February some time.

Catch you next year. ✌


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