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March 2021 Status Update

Mar 5, 2021 Mike-E-angelo 1 min read
Categories: business life etc

Aw jyea… I am finding myself with the time to write a status update, so that must mean I am in another creative jam. 😆

Well it’s not that bad, but I thought I would take a few seconds to chime in here. Things are going pretty well. I am down to one last feature item, which should take about two weeks (🤞). Then after that, it’s off to the races with completing deferred tasks. This is about two additional more months of work at this point, leading to mid-May.

Then, it’s a matter of making some introductory videos featuring yours truly, with a tour of what I have built. I am wanting to take my time with this to learn some of the software out there, as well as refining a style. The timeframe for an announcement here is still August-ish, preferably the 1st week.

I am thinking that I will start out with a “works on my machine” tour to demonstrate what I have built, along with some additional videos showcasing the current market along with some contrasting analysis with some of the competition out there.

Yeah, I guess I am getting more familiar with accepting competition. 😁

That’s it for now. See you next month. ✌

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