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May 2021 Status Update

May 5, 2021 Mike-E-angelo 2 min read

Goodness, what a run. I have basically been on a development tear since the last check-in, clocking about 10-12 hours a day. I guess that’s my typical schedule, but all of it has been totally dedicated to disciplined development, which is the ideal.

So upon last check-in I believe I was spilling about having some videos done by now, which WAS ALL A LIE. 😅 Shows you for taking the time to believe me. I’m still going to do those videos (I promise!), but I had to get some features done, first. It would be highly embarrassing to brag about all these features I have built when some rather important ones were not provably/demonstrably finished, no?

I have gotten so much finished, however, and feel like I am getting to some semblance of “close.” Really there are two features left: one that is critical to commerce (withdrawals), and the other one fleshes out a proprietary feature that sort of glues the whole “magic” of this application together.

Based on my super amazing product management software (read: Excel spreadsheet 😛), I should have these done by end of this month. Then, it should be the whole or most of June learning about vlogging and putting together a nice little tour of what I have built. Finally.

Currently, July looks like a break month. It will have been over 18 months of this, with these past 6-7 being especially intense and productive with consistent 70-80 hour weeks. A breather is in order, especially once I have some videos I can use to show others what’s up. Then August it begins once again.

Nifty note: Lana Del Rey recently announced an album recently for July. That’s a two-month advance notice. I am thinking of doing the same: August announcement for an October release.

Nifty note x2: October 12, 2021 does mark the end of support for Silverlight

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