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June 2022 Status Update

Jun 7, 2022 Mike-E-angelo 2 min read

Introducing the Friends & Family Alpha

Today, I am pleased to announce the Friends & Family Alpha available for use at

What is It?

The friends and family alpha is pretty much the same product and release as the alpha preview released back in February but with the addition of commerce providers, which allows real “live” money for use within the system. We now feature the following commerce providers for purchasing Flares,’s virtual currency:

  • Stripe
  • PayPal/Venmo
  • Coinbase Commerce

We also allow withdrawals through the use of PayPal Payouts. Future withdrawal support should be available in the next month by both Stripe and Coinbase. 🤞

The database used for the alpha preview was deleted this morning and a new one was built in its place for this new alpha. This data is now considered official going forward and will not be deleted. We’re using real live money now, after all!

Where Can I Find More Information?

The latest Stand-up & Shine (& Shill) can be found below, which will take you through a tour of the three commerce providers as well as PayPal Payouts:

Anything Else?

Along with this announcement, I have published and made available for purchase my first product for sale, which you can find here:

Mike-E-angelo presents: Cause

You can also watch the video I made about this product here:

All this said, I wanted to send biggest most heart-felt THANK YOU! and appreciation to everyone who has shown their support for my efforts over the years and more. It really means the world to me. I am more than happy to have been provided the opportunity to build such a system that can sell art for myself and others, should they choose to use

Until next time, stay bright out there. ✌ ✨

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