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October 2023 Status Update

Oct 3, 2023 Mike-E-angelo 3 min read
Categories: art technology
Welcome to Beta II Welcome to the second beta of This is a quality-based beta with certain key support features. Email Address Policy We now require email addresses for accounts. If you have an existing account and have already added+confirmed an email address, this has been automatically done for you. Otherwise, you will get a prompt to provide and verify an email address. New accounts will also be prompted. Continue reading

June 2023 Status Update

Jun 6, 2023 Mike-E-angelo 3 min read
Categories: business art
Welcome to Alpha IV Yay, we made it. Welcome to Alpha IV, which is the fourth alpha release of We’re releasing a new alpha every two months on our push to beta which should occur in October. 🤞 This was a better alpha for me, with Alpha III being a bit of a stressful push. Alpha IV was better and I felt like I was able to get more done. Continue reading

March 2023 Status Update

Mar 8, 2023 Mike-E-angelo 3 min read
Categories: business art
Yay, the first Tuesday of every month, time for a monthly status update! Erm, wait, it’s Wednesday, huh. With all the hustle and bustle of running lately, I’ve dedicated Tuesday to creating and publishing the Stand-up & Shine (& Shill) video, and then Wednesday to announcing it here with this blog. ✌ 1,500 Flares of Volume (500 in 2 weeks 🤯) It seems like only two weeks ago we managed to reach our first 1,000 Flares of volume after 5. Continue reading

Announcing Alpha II

Feb 22, 2023 Mike-E-angelo 4 min read
Categories: business art technology
Today, I am announcing’s Alpha II. This is the second released alpha for our emerging platform and has a focus on our markets and quality. This particular alpha has been quite some time in the making, taking over four months since our Alpha I announcement. One-Year Anniversary One year ago today, after spending over two years in development solitude and surviving a pandemic, I announced the Alpha Preview to much fan fare and overwhelming market acclaim. Continue reading

February 2023 Status Update

Feb 8, 2023 Mike-E-angelo 3 min read
Categories: business art
Hello February! It is the first Tuesday (or Wednesday as of late 😇) of the month and therefore time for your monthly status update. Nearly One Year Has Passed 🚀 I announced the preview on February 22, 2022. Can you believe that in two weeks that will be one full year? 🤯 This time last year I was uploading the different applications to Azure and learning a lot. One year later, we are actively generating revenue and running a business. Continue reading

January 2023 Status Update

Jan 4, 2023 Mike-E-angelo 4 min read
Categories: business art
Hello out there and welcome to the latest monthly update. As you know, I usually aim to have these out on the first Tuesday of every month. While I was able to attend to the video recording for Stand-up & Shine yesterday, I wasn’t able to get to everything else, so here we are. 🥳 Happy New Year! With that, I would like to wish everyone a happy 2023. May it be a successful one for you and all. Continue reading

December 2022 Status Update

Dec 7, 2022 Mike-E-angelo 3 min read
Categories: business art
Season’s greetings! Woohoo, the first week of the month, and that means a status update for! ✨🚀 500 Sales! Nearly 150 Flares ($150) in Volume! We continue our completely organic non-advertising push here to build our market. As expected, this is a slow process but one that helps build confidence in the system at a slow and steady pace. As this is my first rodeo into the modern market I am OK with taking my time before bringing on new users through financial spending. Continue reading

September 2022 Status Update

Sep 6, 2022 Mike-E-angelo 3 min read
It’s the first Tuesday of every month, meaning your latest status update is here. Let’s begin! Finishing Tasks The past few weeks have been really focused on the Administration Application, which can be viewed as a CMS application around the entire system. I wanted a way to quickly jump through all the different entities of the system and I am pleased to say that I finally have a first version that I am happy with using. Continue reading

June 2022 Status Update

Jun 7, 2022 Mike-E-angelo 2 min read
Introducing the Friends & Family Alpha Today, I am pleased to announce the Friends & Family Alpha available for use at What is It? The friends and family alpha is pretty much the same product and release as the alpha preview released back in February but with the addition of commerce providers, which allows real “live” money for use within the system. We now feature the following commerce providers for purchasing Flares, starbeam. Continue reading

May 2022 Status Update

May 3, 2022 Mike-E-angelo 2 min read
Welcome! Hello out there and welcome to your monthly update, which occurs on the first Tuesday of every month. Things Are Better Now Last month featured all sorts of problems, which I am glad to say most if not all have been resolved. Rather than a raging inferno, the landscape is more of a (manageable 😁) smoldering mess. I have attended to most of the pressing concerns and have moved onto building features again. Continue reading
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